It is said that;

Home is where the Heart is

It may be a little hackneyed yet this very sentiment lies at the ‘heart’ of ‘Jane’s Place’. This and my love of meeting new people has drawn me quite naturally to create a welcoming, nurturing space and opening my doors for others to enjoy. However, Jane’s Place wasn’t planned at the beginning and started quite organically. One of my neighbours, a yoga teacher asked to run some classes here and then a mindfulness teacher asked if she could run a course here. Things just started from there. The room is now booked most days or evenings.

Jane’s Place is a room with many uses! It’s a flexible space, seating up to 14 & is perfect for coworking, meetings, workshops, company away days, supper clubs & fitness classes. It’s a growing community and attracts clients from local businesses, the health & well-being sector, creative’s and hospitality. People say it is an inspiring space which helps nurture creative thought. I also offer tasty, wholesome refreshments & guests enjoy my home bakes and raw chocolates.

I love all the people I get to meet through running Jane’s Place! It really is a growing community and I’m lucky enough to attend a large variety of inspiring workshops and events here. I support people the best I can to develop their own business by linking them up with others, promoting their events and being a soundboard for ideas whilst in the planning stages.
I was the Support and Development Manager for an international development charity, Music as Therapy International until I left end of March 2017 after 17 years! It is a brilliant charity (I’m now a Trustee) but I found my passions were increasingly drawn to developing Jane’s Place. I’m now looking to facilitate some workshops here myself drawing on my experience of managing projects, strategic planning, skill-sharing, supporting teams and developing communities.

janerobbie2CAKEBefore working at the charity, my background was in the hospitality industry. I was fortunate enough to work for Rhubarb Food Design from start up. Their creative flair & excellent cuisine attracted the rich and famous, including clients such as Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Royal Family. Glitz and glamour, exciting times! At the same time I decided to develop my interests in complimentary therapies & qualified as a Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist and later attained a Diploma in Seated Acupressure Massage. I used these skills to work part time with a wide range of clients, including those with emotional and mental health support needs and employees in corporate environments. My interest in different therapies grew & I left hospitality to work for Music as Therapy International. 

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