Get a little raw goodness this festive season



The festive season is our favourite time to feel great gratitude for the year that has passed and to look forward to spending quality time with our family and friends.

Here at Janes Place Jane has been working hard to ensure that chocolate lovers can enjoy learning to make personal, happy raw chocolate treats for the holiday season, packed with love, health, and heavenly delicacies. With this festive workshop you can expect expert tuition from Jane, a passionate teacher who loves to share her skill and extensive knowledge of food within a nurturing workshop experience.

janeJane is thrilled and excited to offer an honest and beautiful superfood, combining the purest raw cacao with delicate festive flavours such as cranberry, orange and almond chocolate bark in her current workshop series. Janes’ raw chocolate work is made without cane sugar and dairy ingredient, an elegant product of high quality raw healthy chocolate, made with utter love, gratitude and hearty goodness.

The workshops run at Janes place are based in a beautiful heart filled space nestled in glorious Hove, East Sussex: offering an experience that is fun, friendly and welcoming.

A personal message from Jane

I love this time of year! Let’s get into the festive spirit and spend a cosy Sunday afternoon learning about raw chocolate – the healthier alternative to regular chocolate. The workshop is perfect for children, so you and your family can have a huge amount of fun learning new skills and create your own seasonal chocolate products to take home with you. We will make;

Cranberry, orange & almond chocolate bark
Chocolate popcorn cakes
Dipped chocolate apricots
Festive chocolates (mini santas, snowmen and more)

Whilst the chocolate sets, we get creative & decorate our chocolate boxes with seasonal stickers & gems.

Why Raw?

‘Huffington Post’ – If you’ve got a penchant for chocolate-y goodness, but don’t want to load up on processed food or sugar then cacao might be just the ticket.

Cacao is the raw, unprocessed chocolate superfood on everyone’s lips. Unlike your regular chocolate bar, raw cacao is supercharged with magnesium and flavanoids, which makes it good for you inside and out.

What Is Cacao?

Although cacao and cocoa are very similar (they look almost identical, are practically spelled the same, and both come from the Theobroma cacao tree) they are not be confused with one another.

Think of cacao as the healthier relative of cocoa: raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans, which preserves the beans nutritional content; cocoa is heavily processed, roasted at high temperatures and has a lot of sugar added to it, which almost zaps away the health benefits.

To Book

Please contact Places are limited to 10 people, please do get in touch if you have any questions.


Sunday November 29th or 13th December

3PM – 4.30PM

£15 per person (£25 total for adult & child)


Janes Place Testimonial

What a delightful space Jane’s Place is. I attended a one-day workshop there and immediately felt comfortable as I walked through the door. Jane’s friendly, open approach and delicious food makes her the perfect hostess. The event room is large and bright and simply but beautifully decorated. I think we all really enjoyed eating lunch round the kitchen table which somehow just felt so joyous. A very special experience!


Jane’s Place raw chocolate ingredients are supplied by CHOC Chick. Not only is their organic cacao butter of the highest quality. Founder Galia places huge importance on the source of her raw ingredients.

”The provenance of our ingredients has always been incredibly important and sourcing ethically and responsibly is a fundamental value and very much a part of our Social and Environmental Policy. I feel very privileged to have had the chance to meet my cacao suppliers directly when I visited Ecuador in June 2011.”

CHOC Chick kits can be found in Infinity Foods in Brighton as well as Holland & Barrett, John Lewis Food Halls, Harvey Nichols, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic to name but a few. Kits will be available to buy at the workshops for those raw choc enthusiasts who wish to experiment more at home! Check out CHOC Chicks website for more information.

Weekly YOGA with Lisa

yoga with lisa


Jane’s Place Yoga founder, Lisa Shaw has created a warming and inviting weekly space. Her style allows her to choose a style relevant to her practice and class. With an end goal; to bring about harmony and bliss through the reintegration of physical, psychological & spiritual aspects of who we are.

Teaching everything we need we already have, inside us, a happiness starting with you. Educating that by practicing yoga it provides a direction to connecting with the self, intuition, creativity & our boundless potential in life.

Through regular practice at Jane’s Place you will begin to notice those moments of space between thoughts, where the mind is quiet & still, thus creating a meditative practice of yoga & state of mind in a fast paced world

The classes include a variety of postures to produce a strong, dynamic practice to aid flexibility, strength, balance and fitness as well as relaxation and release, The classes are intimate and small, limited to 5.

Classes are held term time at the cost of £10 a class booked as a termly upfront fee.

Mon eve    7.30 – 9pm     

Tue morn  09.15 – 10.45am     

Wed eve    7.30 – 9pm   

Please contact for more information or to book

‘I have explored yoga at various points in my life – as a child, when travelling in India and before and after pregnancy – then in 2005, with a 3 year old daughter and 1 year old twin boys at home, I discovered Dynamic Yoga.

It ticked all the boxes for me, giving a fantastic physical workout as well as stimulating the mind and satisfying my soul; what started as a once a week ‘me time’ and weight loss tool became a passionate vocation.

Having trained with the British School of Yoga (BSY) and Stuart Tranter at Dynamic Hot Yoga, I have now been teaching yoga for over 6 years and hope to continue my learning and teaching throughout my life. I have more recently undertaken my pre- and post-natal yoga training with BSY, an area that many people have suggested my calm and caring mindfulness is perfectly suited.

As the daughter of a doctor and a psychotherapist, I have a deep interest in holistic and preventative healthcare. I have worked as a massage therapist, with a Buddhist training background as well as studying Thai massage at the Himalayan Yogic Institute, and incorporating reiki and reflexology.

I have always enjoyed an active and sporty lifestyle, including most notably hockey, climbing, surf-skiing and dancing. I also enjoy camping, hill walking, mountain climbing and kayaking and am vice-chair of governors at my childrens’ primary school.’