Global Sharing Feedback

In celebration of Global Sharing Week last month, I designed a series of events and workshops to bring local freelancers, entrepreneurs and business people together. 

It was a huge success! Around 45 people came together over the course of the week to share experiences, skills, knowledge and resources….all with great generosity, kindness, support and humour! 


I am keen to build on the success of Global Sharing week & create more opportunities for people to come together. We’re so lucky to have so many inspiring, supportive, creative women in our business/friendship groups. An evaluation form was submitted & below is some of the feedback as well as a look ahead at what next….


Meet the Social Media Expert Workshop 

“Really well organised with lots of interesting people and a chance to network and discuss the common issues of lone working.” 

“A very positive & useful session for those who are stuck regarding social media with advise on how to advertise and promote their business.”

Sharing Circle for Creative Solutions Workshop

A friendly, yet focused & supportive session which provided an opportunity to really reflect on your own business. An opportunity to work with others, get great feedback from a range of perspectives & be guided through this process by a skilled & knowledgeable facilitator.

“Brilliant, useful and enjoyable.”


Based on the feedback and the workshops participants would most like to see being organised in the future, I will look to organise future events from September when Jane’s Placer e-opens after the summer. Exciting times ahead!