Global Sharing Week 5-11th June

Jane’s Place is hosting several free events to celebrate Global Sharing Week in June.  

In celebration of Global Sharing Week, in June, I have designed a series of events and workshops, bringing local freelancers, entrepreneurs and business people together; to share their skills, knowledge and experiences in a relaxed and informal space.

Events at a Glance 

Monday June 5th: Meet the Expert 9.30am-3pm 

Wednesday June 7th: Coworking 9.30am-3pm

Thursday June 8th: Sharing Circle for Creative Solutions 9.30am-3pm

Friday June 9th: Clothes Swap with Image Consultant Jo Bunner 7.30pm-10.30pm

The Venue 

Jane’s Place is a bright, airy, creative and supportive space.  The Global Sharing Week events have been carefully designed to give all of us opportunities to move our business and personal goals forward in an environment of friendship and support.

And because I know how important it is to look after the whole self, and keep collective energy high, I will be sharing a Jane’s Place lunch with you all.

A simple, tasty, healthy homemade lunch of either either soup or salad, depending on the weather. I will also provide snacks of crackers, tea, cake, raw chocs, fruit and/or nuts. 

All Jane’s Place events for Global Sharing Week are FREE to attend, however booking is essential. Please book by clicking on the booking system after each event description. Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email with some further details to help you prepare and gain maximum benefits. 


June 5th: ‘Meet the Expert’ 9.30-3pm FREE EVENT (lunch included) SOLD OUT

On Monday 5 June (the first day back after half term), I am inviting a maximum of 7 local entrepreneurs, freelancers or small business owners to a free, full-day workshop with a local social media and digital communications specialist.

It’s a huge subject, and is constantly changing; and we want you to get your queries tackled, so I will ask for your specific questions in advance. This is a fully accessible and inclusive session so whether you’re just getting started, consider yourself to be a pro or have been sitting on the sidelines — our specialists will be able to help. You will leave the day having not only learnt how to address your specific social media question, but have the opportunity to apply that new found knowledge in practice with the support of a specialist. 


The morning will offer an opportunity to present questions and discuss challenges in a group session.  

In the afternoon, we will take action on our challenges collectively, with the support of the group and our expert.

  • Welcome coffee and tea and 9 am with a prompt start at 9.30 am
  • A simple vegetarian lunch of soup or salad will be provided (weather dependant) and a sweet treat too
  • Finish at 2.30, with time for a chat and informal networking before a 3pm finish

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you! 


June 7th: Jane’s Place Coworking 9am-3pm FREE EVENT

I launched my Monday and Wednesday coworking days last month, and would love to welcome more of you through the door.  So in the spirit of Global Sharing Week, I am inviting people to come along and have a free day. The idea is simple, we work better collectively than we do alone. 

Jane’s Place coworking is a quiet, bright, calm space, with superfast broadband, excellent free teas and coffee and a team of happy, friendly workmates around the watercooler.

Coworking runs from 9am to 3pm, and our June 7 session is absolutely FREE.



June 8th: Sharing Circle for Creative Solutions – 9.30 to 3pm, FREE EVENT (Lunch included)

What makes you happy & what do you wish you could do more of? What are your blocks?  

The Sharing Circle for Creative Solutions is an opportunity to sit around the table with 7 other local entrepreneurs, freelancers or small business owners to openly share an area where you’re feeling stuck or challenged.  In a gently guided workshop, we will be looking for insight, wisdom and support from the group.

Although your challenge will be personal to you, as small business owners, it is more than likely that others will have faced the same or similar.

You will be sent a short questionnaire in advance to help you to focus and articulate what your blocks are; how you would like your your business to develop and your goals and ideas.

Participants will collectively draw upon their own experiences & knowledge to share fresh ideas to help you focus creatively on your personal challenge.

You will leave with 2 clear solutions to explore and action.

This will be a guided day with some structure, to ensure we have equal voices and input.


Arrive from 9 am for a prompt 9.30 start

Starting with a series of fun interactive activities to warm up, promote listening skills and bring our focus towards support, ideas and creativity 

10.30: Sharing circle begins 


2.30: Sharing circle closes; drinks in friendship and informal networking

3.00: Close

I hope to follow up the Sharing Circle with some accountability work, which you will be invited to join.



June 9 – Clothes Swap with Image Consultant Jo Bunner from The Good Clothes Philosophy. 7.30pm – 10.30 FREE EVENT

I love clothes swaps! I’ve been running and attending regular swaps for years and thought it would be rather wonderful to host one at Jane’s Place as part of Global Sharing Week.

I’ve invited image consultant, Jo Bunner from The Good Clothes Philosophy, not only to provide valuable styling tips; but more importantly, to share her ethos of how to shop in a sustainable and ethical way. Jo stopped buying ‘new clothes’ 5 years ago and relies on charity shops, clothes swaps, vintage fairs and car boot sales for her wardrobe.  A truly inspiring approach.  

You can read more about Jo’s ‘eco fabulous’ approach in the blog she wrote for us.

To book, please complete the form below. Any questions, please contact