Music Imagery Psychotherapy: sessions now available at Jane’s Place

Music Therapist, Cathy Rowland has been working at Jane’s Place since the beginning of 2017, offering sessions in Music Imagery Psychotherapy.  She is now in the advanced stages of this training with the Association for Music and Imagery and as she moves towards completion, she is looking for more clients.


For a limited period in 2018, she will be offering these sessions at 50% of the cost;                 

  • a full two-hour session, involving a 40-minute music journey (£40) 
  • one hour session, which gives a shorter, in depth experience and can be tailored to suit your needs, (£25).

Cathy answers some frequently asked questions below….

What is Music Imagery Psychotherapy? 

Music Imagery Psychotherapy offers truly transformational journeys of the mind, body and soul through the power and beauty of mostly classical music.  No musical or creative ability is required to benefit.  

The sessions involve listening to music, while lying down, covered up by a blanket in a deeply relaxed state facilitated and supported by myself, the therapist. This enables you to experience imagery (sensations, feelings, memories insights etc) evoked by the music.  

The sessions are highly structured. They begin with an opening discussion to identify a focus for the music-journey, followed by a specific, guided relaxation leading into the music part.  Throughout the music journey you are supported to connect with the music in a safe, dynamic way and a transcript of their responses is written.  Much space is provided for processing afterwards, using art materials if desired.  Sessions are completely confidential. 

As a trainee, I work under supervision and abide by the code of ethics set out by the AMI and the government body, the HCPC. 

What are the benefits?

Benefits are unique to each person but generally, these sessions get to the heart of an issue quickly.   You may experience deeper emotional connections, new insights, clarity, or transpersonal experiences, with a deeper connection to music and a sense of beauty.   They are suitable for people who may experience one or more of the following:

  • a desire for a more creative and/or spiritual response to personal development
  • a desire to reassess a life issue, or stage of life to find a deeper meaning
  • stress, anxiety, depression or relationship issues
  • recovering from abuse or trauma
  • chronic or terminal illness or facing the end of life issues
  • a desire to deepen a relationship with music and creativity
  • a means of continuing professional development (for artists or therapists)
  • a means of self-care for heath, social care professionals.

Sounds interesting….tell me more 

You will first have an initial taster session, where we would decide if further sessions would be beneficial.  I would also determine how future sessions might be best tailored to suit your needs.  Subsequent sessions would happen at pre-agreed intervals and would either be a full two-hour session, involving a 40-minute music journey, (£40) or a shorter one hour session, which gives a shorter, in depth experience and which can be tailored to suit your needs, (£25).

Here are a few testimonials from previous clients:

‘I had no idea how far I could be guided into myself during this beautiful therapy.  Music Imagery Psychotherapy gave me a strong grip on some pretty confusing feelngs.  Such a crystal, clear vision.  It’s an amazing journey of unfolding truth’  (Massage Therapist)

‘I found the GIM sessions really powerful and over time, very transformative. Cathy knew intuitively when to gently guide the session but also when to take a step back so that I could journey off further into my own world. She was incredibly professional and I grew to really trust her and the process as time went on. I must say, after having received regular sessions for a period of time I’m much more tuned in to who I am and what I want – I guess I feel more accepting of myself and more empowered to make different choices in life’.   (Project Manager)


If you’d like to know more or book an initial taster session, you can contact Cathy on 07939816089 or on    There is more information on her website      

Cathy Rowland.    HCPC-registered Music Therapist