Weekly YOGA with Lisa

yoga with lisa


Jane’s Place Yoga founder, Lisa Shaw has created a warming and inviting weekly space. Her style allows her to choose a style relevant to her practice and class. With an end goal; to bring about harmony and bliss through the reintegration of physical, psychological & spiritual aspects of who we are.

Teaching everything we need we already have, inside us, a happiness starting with you. Educating that by practicing yoga it provides a direction to connecting with the self, intuition, creativity & our boundless potential in life.

Through regular practice at Jane’s Place you will begin to notice those moments of space between thoughts, where the mind is quiet & still, thus creating a meditative practice of yoga & state of mind in a fast paced world

The classes include a variety of postures to produce a strong, dynamic practice to aid flexibility, strength, balance and fitness as well as relaxation and release, The classes are intimate and small, limited to 5.

Classes are held term time at the cost of £10 a class booked as a termly upfront fee.

Mon eve    7.30 – 9pm     

Tue morn  09.15 – 10.45am     

Wed eve    7.30 – 9pm   

Please contact lisa.jshaw@yahoo.co.uk for more information or to book

‘I have explored yoga at various points in my life – as a child, when travelling in India and before and after pregnancy – then in 2005, with a 3 year old daughter and 1 year old twin boys at home, I discovered Dynamic Yoga.

It ticked all the boxes for me, giving a fantastic physical workout as well as stimulating the mind and satisfying my soul; what started as a once a week ‘me time’ and weight loss tool became a passionate vocation.

Having trained with the British School of Yoga (BSY) and Stuart Tranter at Dynamic Hot Yoga, I have now been teaching yoga for over 6 years and hope to continue my learning and teaching throughout my life. I have more recently undertaken my pre- and post-natal yoga training with BSY, an area that many people have suggested my calm and caring mindfulness is perfectly suited.

As the daughter of a doctor and a psychotherapist, I have a deep interest in holistic and preventative healthcare. I have worked as a massage therapist, with a Buddhist training background as well as studying Thai massage at the Himalayan Yogic Institute, and incorporating reiki and reflexology.

I have always enjoyed an active and sporty lifestyle, including most notably hockey, climbing, surf-skiing and dancing. I also enjoy camping, hill walking, mountain climbing and kayaking and am vice-chair of governors at my childrens’ primary school.’